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Summit One Burner Built-in Smooth Top Induction Cooktop, 115 V

  • $ 36500


Instantly heats to cook in half the time of standard gas and electric ranges
Smooth Schott Ceran surface made of durable, low maintenance black glass
Complimentary 7-piece cookware set included
Magnetically generated heat produces no open flame and keeps heat confined to cookware
8 power settings let you change the cooking power with instant precision

Enjoy the ease, speed, and safety of induction cooking with SUMMIT's SINC line of energy efficient induction cooktops.

The SINC1110 is a one zone built-in cooktop featuring a genuine Ceran™ black glass surface. With 1800 watts of power, it uses electromagnetic heat generated by your pot or pan to cook in half the time, with half the energy of conventional ranges. Eight variable touch power settings make heating precise and easy. Since the smooth surface has no holes or grates, clean-up is simple: all you need is a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.

Designed for the highest quality cooking experience, the SINC1110 is fully equipped for safety. The temperature of the surface does not get nearly as hot as traditional gas or electric elements and there are no open flames or released gas. Features include a child lock, automatic safety switch-off, and a residual heat indicator. Beveled edges blend seamlessly into the counter.

Each purchase of an SINC1110 includes a complimentary set of SUMMIT Induction Cookware. This 7-piece collection includes three pots with heat-resistant glass lids and one 9 1/2 inch skillet. All are constructed with a triple layer bottom, with an aluminum core layered between stainless steel to provide cooking contents with even heat distribution. Safe for use on induction, gas, and electric heat surfaces as well as use in dishwashers and ovens.

SUMMIT's induction cooktops bring the superior performance of upscale restaurant cooking into your own home, with energy savings and pure elegance.

NOTE: Because induction cooking requires magnetic energy, your cookware must be made of cast iron, steel, or magnetic stainless steel. Materials that will not work include aluminum, copper, and non-magnetic stainless steel. Many of your current pots and pans may already be induction-friendly. In order to determine if your cookware will work on an induction surface, simply place a magnet (such as one hanging on your refrigerator) on the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks, the pan will cook.


  • Schott Ceran surface
  • Smooth surface made of durable and elegant black glass Beveled edge
  • Smooth, slightly rounded edges protect you from minor injuries associated with sharp corners
  • 7-piece cookware set
  • Each purchase includes a complimentary set of induction cookware complete with glass lids Electromagnetic heat
  • Heat is produced inside your cookware for even cooking
  • Energy efficient
  • 84% of the heat created goes directly towards heating cookware contents Cool surface
  • Most heat is sent directly to cookware, keeping the surface fairly cool to touch
  • Automatic pan recognition
  • Interior coil turns off after 30 seconds if there is no induction cookware on top Child lock
  • Prevent accidents with this safety feature
  • 8 power levels
  • Get precise control of heating temperature with adjustable touch controls LED display
  • Four digit display lets you keep track of power setting
  • Timer
  • Timer can be adjusted from 0-180 minutes Easy cleanup
  • With no baked-on messes, all you need is a damp cloth to wipe down the surface


  • Height to Cabinet 3.25"
  • Width 12.0"
  • Depth 14.75"
  • Cabinet Black
  • US Electrical Safety ETL
  • Amps 20.0
  • Voltage/Frequency 115 V AC/60 Hz
  • Weight 20.0 lbs.
  • Shipping Weight 31.0 lbs.
  • Parts & Labor Warranty 1 Year

Induction Cooktop

  • Application Built-in
  • Heating Type Induction
  • Surface Glass
  • Number of Elements 1
  • Controls Digital
  • Cooking Timer Yes
  • Countertop Cutout Height 2.81"
  • Countertop Cutout Width 11.0"
  • Countertop Cutout Depth 13.75"
  • Element #1 Wattage 1800.0

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