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RGB 150 color Changing

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The ColorBright™ Color Changing 150 LED strip light comes as a reel of linear color changing LED lights mounted on a flexible strip of printed circuit board (PCB) with a strong adhesive backing. Sometimes referred to as "color changing LED tape lights," the flexible design of LED strips means the lights can be installed in basically any space you can imagine. With these strips you can change the lights to nearly any color combination for a wide range of creative options.

If you order an RGB flexible strip light, you will need an RGB controller

The top attributes of this strip light include:

- These strips are 100% controllable, with programmable settings for dimming, color changing, flashing, scrolling, etc.
- They're UL Listed, which means they have been independently verified as safe for use within home and business
- They're highly energy efficient, using just 2.2 watts per foot

Ordering more than a few feet? Shop by the reel

Should you select 12 Volt (12v) or 24 Volt (24v)?

Depends on your application. The main difference between the two is the fact that the 24v strips can be run for longer distances than the 12v strips can due to Voltage Drop. Voltage drop is the gradual decrease in voltage along a circuit. If your project requires a very long run of LEDs, we would recommend the 24v strips. However, there are also many projects that 12v is required (automotive or marine applications). 

Before noticing any unwanted color variations or dimming at the end of your run of lights, it is recommended that you run no more than:

- 32' in series when using 12v
- 48' in series when using 24v

Application and Use:

UL Listed ColorBright™ RGB 150 LED strip lights are cut and installed in a wide variety of applications including:

- Accent lighting
- Under cars and motorcycles
- Store display lighting
- Backyard arbors and gazebos
- Under cabinet lighting
- Above cabinet lighting
- Hotel lobbies
- Cove lighting

Technical Details and Specifications:

Product: ColorBright™ RGB 150 LED strip light
Color Temperature: Customizable color temperature
Lumen (Brightness): Variable
Quantity per unit: Sold by the 16ft 5in reel
Working Voltage: 12v or 24v DC constant voltage available
Dimmibility: Fully dimmable
Beam Angle: 120 Degrees
Can it be cut?: Yes, on every third LED, there is a cut line
Power consumption: 2.2 watts per foot
UL Listed?: Yes
CRI: Not available
Maximum run length: 32 feet when using 12v / 48 feet when using 24v

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