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MidNite Classic MPPT Charge Controller-200

  • $ 66900

The Midnite Solar's Classic Charge Controller is here to make your system more reliable and efficient than ever before.

Past MPPT controllers have been limited to a maximum of 150 VDC. Midnite Solar's Classic offers 150, 200 or 250 VDC--accommodating larger string sizes and higher voltage panels. Built-in string sizing and battery bank capacity sizing are available to streamline your design process. A help mode and set up wizard help you through the learning curve.

 A built-in safety measure, the arc fault detector, guards your system from threat of fire. Two auxiliary outputs allow you to divert excess power to other applications such as battery box vents or generator starting.

 Another significant advance with the Classic is the ability to access your power system remotely via the internet. If you're out of town, you can call in to the system to troubleshoot problems, and get it back in working order. Remote control of Midnite power systems will be invaluable for installers, dealers and homeowners alike.

Key Features

  • 200 operating voltage
  • Max current out: 79 Amp
  • ETL listed to UL1741 and CSA
  • 12-72V battery
  • Built in DC-GFP and Arc Fault Detector
  • Solar, wind and hydro MPPT modes

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