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Atwood XT Tankless Hot Water Heater

  • $ 78500

Atwood on-demand water heaters are designed specifically for use in RVs and provide a continuous, residential hot water experience. Available in 50,000 BTU models with THERMAL BLAST cold weather package (select models), the high output burners instantly heat and deliver class-leading performance. Best of all, it works just like home... simply turn on the hot water and mix in cold to reach your desired temperature.

Continuous hot water

 High output burners let you enjoy a full flow of continuous hot water

 Energy Efficient

 Only uses power when hot water is demanded

10 gallon water heater provides equivalent  of 16 gallons of hot water and a 6 gallon yields 9 gallons. Features pre-installed winterizing bypass kit 10 gallon cut ou:t 15 ½” H X 16 “ W X 201/4” D 6 gallon  is :12 ½” H X16 ½” W in 18 D Durable power coated access doors are included 2 yr warranty 1/ box.

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