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FireHotTub by Alfi - Free Shipping!

  • $ 6,75000

OK, we know this is a splurge, but it's just seriously cool.  This outdoor hot tub is heated with
fire, using natural firewood. 
  • Ingenious in its design this modern hot tub uses the laws of physics to circulate cold water through its advanced coiling system where it is heated by a wood burning fire. Lightweight and portable it goes where you go; making spontaneous parties in the secluded wilderness entirely possible.
  • Fill the tub with cold water from your garden hose and light a fire in the pit. Tub requires a minimum of 130 gallons of water to start water circulation and can hold a maximum of 220 gallons when full to the top with nobody inside. It can be heated to over 100 degrees in about 2 hours. The water is pushed through the metal coils which surround a wire basket where the firewood is housed. The basket can be raised or lowered to adjust the temperature of the water. There is also a ledge to hold drinks and other items. Keep feeding the fire with wood as desired.
  • Comes with all accessories in the photo.
  • Custom colors are available upon request with an extended lead time.
  • Stainless steel windscreen panel attaching to the chrome pipes to keep you a safe from the flames while in the tub.
  • Includes a heavy duty white cover used to protect the tub while not in use as well as increase water heat up time.
  • The following replacement parts are available from the manufacturer: Plastic Cover $390, Metal Coil $450, Metal Ash Tray $50, Heat Shield $130.
  • Warranty : Full 1 year warranty on all parts.

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