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About Tiny House Depot

We love tiny houses!!!  Tiny House Depot was born out of our hope to create a one-stop shop for anyone interested in building a tiny home.  We've been fascinated by the move toward sustainability, the concept of simple living and eco-friendly, off-grid adventures for years.  But where do tiny house enthusiasts go to buy tiny products?  Searching through the options,we've looked at tiny appliances, off-grid waterless toilets, solar systems, tiny heating options and more. It's a daunting task to sift through what's available, so we hope we've simplified shopping for those do-it-yourself folks.  We've reached out to makers of fine products, artisans and manufacturers to give our customers access to the options they need to make their tiny house dreams come true.  Like everyone else, we're charmed by tiny homes and support downsizing, collective living and minimizing our impact on the planet.

Our home base is New Orleans, Louisiana, which is why we have access to some outstanding Louisiana-made products.  We're a family-run business and we are also chapter leaders for the American Tiny House Association.  As volunteers, we're working to encourage zoning adaptations for tiny houses in Louisiana and we are active supporters of the development of arts and cultural communities.

We'll also be sharing our blog.  There's so much to say and share about the tiny house movement and we're interacting with folks across the country, talking about their experiences and their essential household needs.  Whether you live in a chilly climate or a steamy one, we hope you'll find something to fit your needs at Tiny House Depot.

Help us spread the word to buy tiny house products from Tiny House Depot!  We will regularly update our resources page to help promote others who are working to make legal tiny house living a reality in the US.  When we come across anything useful, we'll be sure to share it with our e-list.  Calling all who love DIY, be sure to sign up, so we'll have your email address.

We like to say, "Shop tiny, live large!"  If there's something you're looking for, that Tiny House Depot doesn't carry, please let us know.  We love hearing from the tiny house community about their favorite tiny house products, tiny house resources and tiny house advice!