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Really Important Tiny House News

Posted by Aimee Smallwood on

We think what Andrew and Gabriella Morrison are doing is great.  For years now, they've been working tirelessly to inspire others to reach their dream of a simple, joyous, tiny life and they have a nice website called  Now, they're helping all of us to take a step forward, toward making smaller builds on foundations a legal reality.

Andrew recently spent two months writing and developing a new code proposal for the International Residential Code (IRC) for the construction of tiny houses. The IRC is the model code for the majority of residential construction in the US. In fact, according to the International Code Council: “The IRC is in use or adopted in 49 states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Andrew hired a seasoned mentor who had previous success with code language and approvals and together, they created a comprehensive code appendix that would allow for the legal construction of tiny houses used as a primary residence in the United States.

This is a BIG DEAL and will have a HUGE IMPACT on the construction of tiny houses all over the US. 

What does this mean for tiny house folks?
  • It means that people who are paying high rents or mortgages could get out from under that burden
  • It means that people who have lost their homes and are living on the street could have a dignified place to live. 
  • It means that college students who are graduating with huge amounts of debt could afford a home to start themselves out on the right foot
  • It means that retirees can comfortably and legally live in a smaller, more manageable footprint.
  • And for all of us building tiny houses, it means that we will have a guidepost to building safe and healthy homes with a certificate of occupancy at the end of that road. 

Tiny House Depot has made a small contribution to Andrew's efforts to secure this important code change.  They are conducting a gofundme campaign to raise funds for: 

1. Paying the fees for the work of code writer Martin Hammer. He has a lot of experience in creating code and was co-author on the proposal that got straw bale construction into the 2015 IRC. Martin worked on this proposal with Andrew for two months, so many, many hours went into this effort

2. Travel costs to Kansas City, MO where Andrew and Martin will speak in support of the proposal. They will have all of the proposal "co-commenters" and a few other speakers present at the hearings. Paying all of the speakers' way will make it possible for more of them to attend, which will, in turn, give the proposal a better chance of approval.


The upcoming hearings are in Kansas City, MO from October 21-24, so having funds in place to buy airline tickets is a pressing issue. 

We are a large community of passionate people. Even a seemingly small donation of $10 or $20 multiplies fast, and  can go a long way.

We hope that you will join Tiny House Depot in supporting this powerful effort to make housing affordable in the US once again. 

To donate:

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