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Find Your Own Heaven

Posted by Aimee Smallwood on

Welcome to Tiny House Depot's first blog!  I'm Aimee, co-owner of the business and I'll be writing about our experiences in the tiny house universe.  I first became aware of tiny houses about five years ago, when I saw my first Tumbleweed, fascinated by the idea of these small-scale, ultra-efficient houses.  I mean, who doesn't find it interesting, the idea of scaling down our overstuffed lifestyles to gain the freedom to spend our hard-earned money on what's really important?

Which brings me to a question. What IS important?  At midlife, I've done the 2,000+ square foot house thing.  Loved my home, hated the cleaning and maintenance, and I really think that I worked to support my big house habit. Most of us do this as a normal rite of passage in our lives.

But then, living in South Louisiana, I'll bet you know what came next.  2005's Hurricane Katrina pulled the rug out from under me and I lost almost everything I owned.  I was then a single mom with three kids and two cats, not much money and a shattered sense of place.  Like everyone else, I started over and before I knew it, I had yet another house full of stuff!  But what if I'd had a tiny house, one that I could hook up to a truck and move with Hurricane Katrina bearing down on us?  I'd have had the last laugh on that b**ch!

I'm now convinced that tiny house living is the way to go for a simpler, more graceful way of life.  We haven't built ours yet, but it's on the horizon.  And I'm looking for a little slice of heaven for a landing spot, where my husband and I can put our feet up and contemplate the second half of our lives.  This is why we've created Tiny House Depot. Our dream is that it become a one-stop shop where we and others can not only shop for specialty items to suit our tiny homes, but to also find resources and inspiration.  Many others have come before us and we'll be seeking out their stories to share.  Shop small, live large!





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